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7 steps to prepare for flooring installation

7 Steps to Prepare for Flooring Installation

Congratulations: you’re on the way to getting your home beautified with brand-spanking-new flooring. It’s an exciting process that inspires happy feet in your space.

Whether you’re choosing hardwood flooring, tile flooring, laminate flooring, travertine flooring or carpet, the following steps are essential to take when installing your new Arizona floors successfully.

Remove Old Flooring

Get your floor prepped for the seamless installation of your gorgeous new selection by enlisting efficient expert help for flooring removal. Your installer may be able to do this for you, so check beforehand. If you choose to remove old flooring yourself, consult with your home improvement specialist to ensure you have all necessary materials and know the proper method for removal to prevent costly mistakes.

Clear Out the Room

Empty out the space where flooring installation will occur, including moving furniture and all valuable items. Some installers will charge if they have to move your furniture, and often everything in it may have to be removed first anyway. Doing it yourself saves time and money. Also, unplug and move all electronics, computers and cords and any hanging objects that could harm or injure installers.

Take Care of Painting After Flooring

If you envision your new flooring to be accompanied by a new paint job, take care of this after the flooring is installed. Some make the mistake of thinking this comes first, but during any construction phase, nicks and scratches on walls are bound to happen. It’s easier to cover the floor before painting than to paint your walls twice.

Create a Clear Path

Not only should the room be easy to maneuver in, but the path to get to the room should also be clutter-free, both inside and outside near where the installer’s vehicle is parked. Remove children, pets and pet toys, any valuables that may easily break and any obstruction that makes the installer’s job more difficult and potentially dangerous.

Protect Your Existing Flooring and Other Furniture

Heavy boots, the tracking of dirt and debris, and the potential for significant impact to existing floors during new flooring installation warrants the need to protect the flooring you’re not replacing. Use durable materials you don’t mind to be stepped on to pave the way, such as old towels, or use old carpeting to lay over the floors you want to keep. For flooring areas that will be sanded, cover nearby furniture so it is not affected.

Have Waste Removal Ready

For any waste that is produced during flooring installation, make sure your garbage bins are able to hold it. Check with your waste removal company prior to flooring installation to understand any specifications in regards to flooring waste.

Block Out Your Calendar

Flooring installation makes the rooms that are being worked on uninhabitable, which means you’ll need proper preparation for pet-sitting or childcare. A homeowner will need to be present during the installation, which may mean the need for taking time off work while the installation is completed. Be sure to ask any questions you have during the walk-through to ensure the job is completed to your satisfaction.

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