What is Concrete Grinding?

Concrete flooring with concrete stain or concrete polish is one of today’s top choices in flooring installation. Concrete elevates a space with elegance and simplicity, while also emanating an industrial feel, making it ideal for a wide variety of residential flooring and commercial flooring needs. Concrete flooring is inexpensive compared to other types of flooring, it’s easy to clean, it’s durable, and it’s sustainable – who doesn’t love that? Concrete grinding is the first step in making sure an existing concrete floor is ready to be transformed into a flooring superstar. Besides grinding the concrete surface to prepare it for a smooth or decorative finish, concrete grinding is also an essential step for services such as:

  • Floor leveling
  • Glue, adhesive, paint, lippage, topping or epoxy coating removal
  • Surface preparation for the addition of new flooring

The results of concrete grinding are up to the floor owner. Old and new concrete floor surfaces can be ground to a matte or high-gloss finish, or they may simply be ground so that new flooring may be placed on top. Professional concrete grinding that results in a smooth and even surface is imperative whatever the desired outcome is – even if you’re into the bare bones look.

Concrete Grinding Benefits

Compared to concrete work methods involving scarifying or shot blasting, which result in uneven surfaces or visible lines under the covering that is so not cool, concrete grinding is a simple, fast and effective way to prepare a floor. Concrete grinding works on any type of surface, producing a small amount of dust and noise while quickly getting the job done. Less clean-up and mess is always a good reason to break out into your happy dance.

Concrete grinding is an ideal solution for situations including:

  • Flooring needs to be restored. Even the most worn and damaged concrete flooring can be revitalized with professional resurfacing concrete grinding provides. A concrete floor that has large cracks can be fixed with concrete grinding. Ugly floor ducklings can always turn into a beautiful swan with concrete grinding.
  • Flooring needs an upgrade. For flooring that is outdated or in desperate need of a makeover, concrete grinding can help. If a different kind of flooring needs to be installed, concrete grinding the surface below allows for new flooring to be added easily and without problems. Concrete grinding for the addition of concrete polish or concrete stain makes concrete flooring look shiner, classier and like brand-new. You might even want to slide around in your socks on it.

After concrete has been ground to the desired layer, it is refined and may include decorative elements such as saw cut patterns, colors and engraving – get as fancy as you want. Concrete grinding is the first crucial step to achieving the type of flooring you desire, no matter how you customize it.

What to Look for in Concrete Grinding

While concrete grinding may seem like a simple task, it contains many nuances and intricacies that can save those in need of the service time and money long-term with a high-quality job by a professional contractor who knows her or his stuff. Professionals performing concrete grinding should be details-focused, since a level and smooth floor requires concentration and precision. Enquire about past concrete grinding projects and the type of concrete grinding equipment used, since safety is also a top consideration. Consistency is the most important factor in successful concrete grinding and should be prioritized.

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