The dangers of traditional tile removal and silica dust

Unbeknownst to most home owners,  the traditional process of tile removal produces toxic silica dust and sends it into the environment. According to OSHA, silica dust is a serious health danger. During tile removal and demolition, the silica dust becomes airborne and spreads throughout your home of office building, leaving a fine coating of silica dust on furniture, beds, counters, desks, floors – basically, everything in your home.  Traditional cleaning efforts could take days and still not get it all. 

Silica dust can cause an asthma attack in some people.  Worse, silica dust can cause a condition called silicosis, an irreversible, disabling and sometimes fatal disease. Silicosis can potentially lead to breathing difficulty, heart failure and cancer.

Things to consider with tile removal

The future of tile removal is here!

At Bare Floors in Arizona, we virtually eliminate the dust during the tile removal process, keeping the air in your home clean. Our professional staff uses a process and specialized tools designed for clean tile removal. The result is a super clean home and healthier environment for you, your family members and pets.

"Our primary goal is to provide a healthy and safe removal of your tile flooring. We all have kids and pets that we wouldn't want exposed to harmful chemicals. Simply put, we remove the tile as we would for our own homes".

Amir Kajtezovic, Owner of Bare Floors

Dustless tile removal pricing

If you have called around for quotes on dustless or dust-free tile removal, you have probably found that the costs can be quite high. We are proud that at Bare Floors, our dustless prices beat the competition! Since not all tile is the same when it comes to demolition, we cannot publish our tile removal pricing before speaking with you. If you are interested in a free quote, call us at 602-300-2823 or complete this form. You will find that we often provide a much more affordable dustless solution. 

Bare Floors has experience removing floors in the Phoenix Metro area since 2007. We pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients and work to ensure total satisfaction with any flooring project. Flooring is an important part of your home and we’re here to make your home is one that brings happiness for many years to come. Fill out the form below to get your free in-home estimate on dustless tile removal. 

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