Customize your flooring and décor with a wide variety of tile installation color and design options. From modern to retro, ceramic to wood look tile, see what’s available.From an endless variety of color and design options, to new technology and manufacturing methods that make smaller grout lines in porcelain possible, today’s tile installation is not your grandmother’s tile flooring—unless, of course, you’re after a retro look. At Arizona Urban Floors, we’re pros at installing everything from ceramic to wood look tile plank flooring, so you can have beautiful and low-maintenance flooring that is durable, looks natural but costs less, is elegant, and allows you to express your décor personality.

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Whether you desire a long-lasting Phoenix flooring option that can withstand the rigors of busy foot traffic in your commercial venue, or you want to add a light and cool touch to your Arizona home, tile flooring materials can be applied to not just floors, but to walls, bathrooms and just about anywhere you can think of. Jazzing up your space with tile allows you to create a transformation that’s as funky or as classic as you’d like

What to Know About Tile Installation

While tile flooring is one of the most durable options for Scottsdale flooring and beyond, the exciting aspect to tile installation is that new revolutionary materials and installation trends are constantly popping up. We get excited just thinking about them. Just one example is the evolution of wood look tile, which today causes even seasoned professionals to take a second look to see that the tile is not actually wood. Today’s tile plank options now come in large 6-foot long boards, with random lengths and widths to fit seamlessly into any space.

Homeowners and business owners in need of Arizona flooring can also consider ceramic or porcelain tile options. The main difference between ceramic and porcelain is simply strength. Porcelain is denser, is less porous, allows less liquid to pass through, and allows for more design options for the manufacturer. Unlike ceramic, which is more delicate, porcelain tile is usually suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and does not require much maintenance on the tile to retain its pristine appearance. Both ceramic and porcelain tile flooring add a gorgeous touch to any space.

At Arizona Urban Floors, we also offer rectified tile, which is a specific tile that has been mechanically processed to ensure the tile that is installed is closer to perfectly square. If you desire a really clean and modern look, this tile is an ideal choice, since this tile installation usually requires only a ⅛-inch grout line, versus traditionally wider grout lines.

For successful tile installation, grout is necessary in order to hide minor imperfections of tile products and ensure a cohesive and beautiful look. Although tile flooring components may look identical, the individual pieces have variations that are impossible to avoid during the manufacturing process. Using grout helps create a more consistent look. While the majority of tile maintenance will be focused on the grout, this flooring option still requires much less maintenance than other flooring styles, which means you have more time to admire your fresh tile look.

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