Stunning, stately and with an unparalleled ability to bring the natural world indoors, stone flooring makes a monumental impression in homes, commercial venues and more. This unique Arizona flooring option is all-natural, which means there will be intricate variations to discover in your flooring or accent stone or travertine installation. Varying colors and characteristics make stone and travertine flooring an option that is sure to impress anyone who sees it.

Because of the complexity of installation and the expert care that is required to successfully handle the materials, it’s vital to trust the experts at Bare Floors if you’re considering stone for your residential flooring or commercial flooring needs. With varying options to decide on for flooring to countertops and everything in-between, we’ll help ensure you’re making the best decisions when it comes to these materials.


To prevent slips, trips and falls in your home, it’s essential to have the most appropriate stone installed. Granite looks gorgeous, but it can be a slipping hazard even when slightly wet, which may make travertine the better choice for your family or business, especially if pets and kids might be running around. Marble is luxurious, but it’s very soft compared to granite, which may make a better countertop choice. Your flooring installation expert should learn your needs and desires inside and out, and work to make those visions a reality that maximizes safety and functionality.

While stone is one of the most impressive types of materials you can use in flooring, backsplashes and more, it’s important to consider that stone installation is much more time-consuming and expensive to install than other types of material. Stone installation also take a certified expert, since not all tile installers are able to install natural stone products.

Compared to porcelain or ceramic tile installation, extra work with natural stone means each stone piece is lifted two to five times before the desired outcome is achieved. Stone flooring and décor installation lasts a lifetime and beyond, but the material can be brittle and may require a specific type of setting material, which is why such tender loving care is required during the décor or flooring installation process.

Once installed, homeowners and business owners will need to maintain the high quality of the stone floors. This requires cleaning and sealing about twice a year or more, depending on your home or business foot traffic. It’s important to keep in mind that the natural stone sealer may change the appearance of stone floors and can bring out certain colors depending on the enhancement type. A high gloss sealer makes floors shinier, while a wet look sealer gives the floors a wet look. No matter what type of sealer is used on stone flooring or stone décor, it always emanates a gorgeous and fancy vibe to enhance the ambiance.


If the idea of bringing natural grandeur to a living space or venue sounds intriguing, Bare Floors is here to help deliver the best in Phoenix flooring and Scottsdale flooring services, as well as additional natural stone enhancements. We’ll help you understand what kind of stone or travertine flooring or décor makes the best sense for your space, and we’ll give you a free estimate so you know what to expect with installation. Our professional team guarantees amazing service so that you’re satisfied with your decision.

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