Bring a gorgeous natural look indoors with classy, timeless and elegant hardwood flooring. From natural solid to engineered hardwood, the options are endless.Maybe you like a classy, timeless and elegant look—or maybe you’re an outdoors enthusiast who wants to bring some of that woodsy goodness indoors while also creating minimal environmental impact. Hardwood flooring, in the form of both solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring, isn’t just fun to slide around with your socks on. It’s an Arizona flooring choice that shines with luster, is simple and easy to clean, and brings a natural feel to any indoor area. It’s our top specialty at Arizona Urban Floors, and we get excited whenever we get to transform a space with gorgeous residential flooring or commercial flooring hardwood installation.


If you already live or work in Arizona, you know just how high the thermometer climbs year-round, especially in summer months. Due to the arid climate in Phoenix, engineered hardwood is a popular type of hardwood flooring material that is able to withstand dry and hot temperatures, while also offering more moisture resistance and stability than solid hardwood.

Engineered hardwood is made from real wood but features a layer of hardwood veneer on the surface, making it stronger and oftentimes sturdier than solid wood. It can be installed on any level of a house, so if you’re a rare Arizonan with a basement (if you are, we’re jealous, by the way—more flooring to play with!), engineered hardwood flooring should be your choice there over solid hardwood.

We provide dozens of engineered hardwood styles, so you’re not limited in finding your exact perfect hardwood flooring match. Our engineered hardwood types include:

  • Drop click hardwood, which has benefits such as less expensive installation costs compared to solid hardwood while still displaying a beautiful quality.
  • Glue down hardwood, which instills a solid floor feel with a warmth that only wood can bring to a home.
  • Plywood core, tongue and groove, and nail-down specific hardwoods, each of which are easy to install.

With engineered hardwood flooring, the possibilities are endless in regards to the different wood species you can select to achieve a variety of styles for your home or business. Varying thickness and wear layers determine the quality of the wood, and the trusted experts at Arizona Urban Floors are here to explain every type, down to the finest grain.

Here in the Grand Canyon State, some of the best tree species featured in engineered hardwood flooring are the ones that are native to the Southwest region, like oak, maple and hickory. Not only are these woods beautiful to look at and walk on, but they are more adept to sustain the scorching and dry climate they were bred in compared to exotic woods.

Craving some spice? You still have options with engineered hardwood flooring, including exotic woods such as Brazilian cherry, Santos mahogany, rosewood and many others that perform quite well in Scottsdale flooring, Phoenix flooring and other Arizona flooring installations.

For a more traditional hardwood flooring choice, solid hardwood flooring is another option for your home or business. While solid wood floors—and especially exotic solid floors—are more susceptible to Arizona’s dry climate, solid wood will be moisture-tested before it is installed to ensure its effectiveness. You can also choose to refinish the wood over its lifetime, with the opportunity to choose the stain and finish you want as you and your family grow in your home, or as your business grows.

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When you get hardwood flooring from Bare Floors, we’ll walk you through all the installation methods so you know the exact impact flooring installation will make on your home. Various methods include glue-down, floating and nail-down techniques that ensure hardwood flooring is seamlessly installed so it’s smooth, flat and durable.

Certain manufacturer warranties will require adhesives that are three-in-one, which contain a moisture barrier, sound blocker and adhesive. As you explore your hardwood flooring installation options with Arizona Urban Floors, we’re here to answer any questions you may have and go over all hardwood flooring details.

At Bare Floors, we have experience installing Arizona hardwood floors since 2007. We pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients and work to ensure total satisfaction with hardwood flooring, which has proven to be a wise investment for hundreds of customers. Great flooring lasts a lifetime, and we’re here to make your hardwood installation one that brings happiness for many years to come. Contact us here to get your free in-home estimate on hardwood flooring now. We can’t wait to get your floors gleaming.

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